Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bikini Bootcamp

I've finally realized that I will not get back down to my 117 pound self if I don't do anything about it. After having my son, I gained a lot of weight. I half heartedly have attempted losing that weight every now and again by committing to programs I don't finish or not attending weight watchers meetings I swear I'll go to.

Weight had never been a problem for me. I was always so super skinny. I was very comfortable being underweight. I don't want to look so freakishly skinny as I use to be. (Many people have said they thought I was anorexic or something equally as offensive.) You can't win. Either you're too skinny or too fat. I've always been hurt because either way people feel the need to criticize you for either.

I've just decided that I want to be happy in my own skin, able to wear the clothes I like, and eat and exercise in a healthy way.

COKES!!!! They are my crux. I have always grown up drinking a fountain drink a day. After joining this bootcamp, cokes are not part of my "allowable foods." That has been the hardest part of bootcamp.

Oh yeah... I didn't even mention my bootcamp. I signed up at Gold's with a trainer who is doing a Bikini Bootcamp. She's pretty hard core about it. It keeps me accountable though, which is exactly what I needed. I have a list of supplements I am suppose to take, food I can eat (not exceeding 1300 calories a day,) and I get emailed daily workouts. We meet at the gym or have outdoor workouts as well. In addition to that I bought one of those Nike+ sensors to log my running. I hate cardio! But I like seeing progress and keeping track of what I've done, so it motivates me. My asthma bothers me quite a bit, but I'm hoping that will start to go away the more I run/walk. My knees, too... have been KILLING me. My chiropractor has given me some extra exercises to do that will help build muscle and take pressure off of my knees.

I am so tired of feeling tired. I feel like one of those mom's in a Suave commercial who has let herself go. I really want to get out of this rut, so fingers crossed... I'm hoping this will be a turn of a new leaf.

My new goal is to run the Komen 5K this September in honor of my Granny who passed away from breast cancer. I always walk the fun walk, but this year I want to try to run it. Baby steps since I just now started being able to run a complete mile without walking. I'm hoping I can do it for her. I'm not a runner nor fast when I attempt it. I just want to be able to do it regardless of how long it takes me.

I'll keep you posted on any struggles or successes with this bootcamp.

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