Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Luv Day

I have been having so much fun doing Mommy-ish things for my son. It's honestly been one of the most creative outlets I've ever had. There are countless fun things to do because, hey... that's what you're suppose to do!!! I can blame almost any fun activity on it being a requirement for toddlerhood. Is that a word?

For lil' man's valentines I wanted to stay away from sweets. He had already brought home so many sweets. I also wanted him to be a part of the process. It's no fun for him if Mommy is making everything for him.

I did a lot of searching on the web and found some super cute ideas. I especially loved these ideas from The Crafty Crow. She did a great job of rounding up wonderful and inspiring Valentine ideas. However, this isn't where I originally found the idea to melt crayons into heart shape molds. I found that here at The Long Thread. Another one of my fave blogs!!!

My little guy loved breaking up the crayons and placing them in the heart molds the particular way he wanted them. He also enjoyed watching them melt. Boys love to destruct things. After they cooled, they turned into these marvelous crayons with beautiful swirls and color combinations.

For my part, I have been crocheting these little love birds for my nieces and nephew. (And of course for my son!) I am just learning crochet, so this is a nice beginner project. They have wonderful free patterns on Lion Brand.

Anywho.... those are just a couple of things we have worked on for our sweethearts. Hope you and yours have a blessed Valentine!

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