Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diaper Bag

This is a diaper bag I am working on for a friend. (Hoping she likes it.) The bag turned out larger than I expected, but I think that will be great to hold lots of schtuff. (Amy Butler pattern and fabrics.) I chose this pattern because you can swing it over your shoulder & it doesn't have a difficult zipper. Everything is accessible right there, which you can't believe how much easier that makes your life when you have a baby. Plenty of room for diapers, clothes, binkies, wipies and bottles. And of course any lovies... This isn't a tutorial; just a quick overview of some of the "checkpoints."

I chose this as the exterior fabric because she is having a boy. But, you still want your bag to be girlie a bit... You're the one carrying it. Blues, browns, greens... boyish. And it can afford to get dirty.

This is the lining fabric. This bag took for friggin ever. Mostly because it had layers and layers of fusible fleece and interfacing to make the bag sturdy. Lots of measuring, cutting, piecing and ironing. I HATE cutting. But, I love sewing.

Working on the pockets in the interior. Major pain. Darts, box pleats, lots of basting.

Pockets finished! Now just to sew them into the interior.

Now bottomless, but the interior is almost finished.

Finished exterior. Went much more quickly than the interior. Only one outside pocket. Other than the darts, pretty easy.

Completed interior.

And once again, completed bag. I truly hope she likes it. If not, I killed about $100 and many many hours. But I had fun doing it!


  1. Trust me, there is no such thing as a diaper bag that's "too big."

    How'd she like it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. THIS IS SWEET!! I have a 2-month-old and let me tell you, that bag looks divine!! Good job!!