Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wind

Watching too many Law and Order episodes, the howling dogs, and the relentless wind on my window has made it hard for me to force myself to go to sleep. Every night I think of the three children sleeping soundly and pray and worry for them. I pray they are safe from all the crazies out there. Nothing is such a blessing as these babies in our lives. Soooo grateful that I'm a mommy. I've always felt this pressing need to finish school and get a job I'm successful at... and then push, push, push. But I am more content now as a mother than I had ever been before. Even with simple moments like today when the girls came over playing in the back yard with their tutus. My niece finally decided that her tutu was as good as a swimsuit and took a dip into the pool. I could only laugh and be a bit envious of their carefree attitude. I'm so blessed. This wind though... it makes me nervous.

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